(1) Pack size: as to customers’ request, normal is 10kg or 20kg per Carton.
(2) Pack type: Export standard outer case, no nails, flaps are to be sealed with self adhesive freezer stable tape, the cartons is waterproof, new polythene food grade liner.
(3) Labeling: buyers’ request, normally including product Description, Country of Origin, Weight, Product Date (dd-mm-yy), Best Before


Origin: Denmark

Varieties: Festival, Camarosa

8 Punnet, 2kg per cartons
10 Punnet, 2.5kg per carton

Quality standard:
Minimum size of berries – 25mm. Maximum size 55mm. Fruit must be evenly graded within the punnet and must be within 10mm size bandings. Fruit Counts 200g – Min Count 10 Fruits Max Count 20 Fruits 227g Min Count 10 Fruits Max Count 20 Fruits 400g- Min Count 12 Fruits Max Count 35 Fruits 454g- Min Count 14 Fruits Max Count 45 Fruits Minimum count of fruit per punnet is allowed to be reduce by 2 fruits per punnet size

Container 40 feet reefer takes:
14 ton

No of pallets per container:
20 pallets

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