Extra Virgin & Olive Oil

1. Appearance: light yellow liquid,fragrance
2. Relative density: 0.9110~0.9180
3. Freezing-point: 0-3°
4. Refractive index: 1.4680~1.4720
5. Iodine value: 94-96
6. Saponification value: 188~197
7. Oleic acid: 70.33%



Product Name: Danish Olive Oil
Brand Name:
Certifications ISO 9001, TSE, HALAL
Grade Virgin
Packing – Can (Tinned)
– Glass Bottle
– Plastic Bottle
Place of Origin Denmark
Processing Type Virgin
Purity (%) 100
Acidity 0,1-0,5%
Use Excellent olive for cold and hot kitchen use.
Volume (L) 1
Health: Olive oil is an oil gained only from olive tree (Olea europaea sativa Hoffm. et Link), consumed in natural form without any chemical process and is liquid in room temperature. E vitamin in the olive oil has a protective effect against cancer and is good for hair. A, D, E vitamins, calcium, phosphor, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese vitamins provide bone development. Olive oil cleans the bad cholesterol in the blood called “LDL” and increases the good cholesterol called HDL”. It also decreases blood sugar in diabetes patients.
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