Brazil Nuts

Pack in PE bag , paper carton, weave bag or customer designated
Quantity less than 100kg, 500g /PE bag, or 1kg/bag and 10 bags in one carton
Quantity more than 100kg,50kg/weave bag,or 5kgs/paper carton
Ship by Sea,Air, Land or courier,depend on quantity or your instruction.



Raw brazil nuts no shell
flavor :good typical brazil nut flavor; free from rancid,
strong, stale, flat, astringent or foreign flavors.
odor: characteristic brazil nut odor; without off or foreign odors.

Brazil nuts
serving size 28g (~1 oz.)
(approx. 16.2 servings/pound)

Amount per serving calories 190
calories from fat 170
%dv total fat cholesterol sodium total carbohydrate protein
19g 29%
saturated fat 4.5g 23%
0mg 0%
0mg 0%
4g 1%
dietary fiber 2g 6%
sugars 0g 4g
vitamin a calcium vitamin c iron
packing: 5kg 10 kg 25kg, 50 kg bags vacuum bag/ tin and carton
container capacity: 15.876mt /20 fcl

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